body are always in motion even if you are sleeping

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body are always in motion even if you are sleeping

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The chakra is a point in the body that is associated with Johnny Townsend Hat , and transmits the life force energy. The word ‘chakra’ comes from the sanskrit and literally means ‘spinning wheel or sphere of energy’.

Traditional Hindu writings have often said that there are nearly 90,000 points of Chakra throughout every human body, but there are truly only seven extrmely important points of Chakra. These seven vital points of Chakra can be found from the bottom of the spinal cord all the way up to the top of the head.

The seven main chakra’s are as follows; solar plexusstomach chakra, heart chakra P.J. Hall Hat , third eyebrow chakra, crown chakra, navalsex chakra, base or root chakra and the throat chakra. What these major chakra’s do Kolton Miller Hat , is they take energy from a persons surroundings and help to transmit these energies to a person’s body. It is said that they can directly impact the activities of a person in such areas as: psychological, emotional, spiritual or mystical, and even corporeal.

Chakras have been described in several different ways Reggie Nelson Hat , but all of these descriptions have one common characteristic. Whether it be from the Chinese medicinal point of view or the Hindu point of view these descriptions are all similar. It is the understanding of the experiences of people and the way that the human mind thinks and goes through different emotions.

It is important to understand that the Chakras in your body are always in motion even if you are sleeping. They are constantly influencing the metabolic functions of your body as well as the thoughts that your mind is having. Now you can see why the well being of our Chakras is so important. If one Chakra is disrupted then our entire body may be affected negatively.

Many believe that this all happens because the chakras are part of the endocrine glad that is located inside your body. If you do not keep your chakras in balance then you will get what is known as a disturbance in this glad which will affect everything that is attached to it.

Maintaining the Balance of Chakra Using the above as our point of beginning, we can assume safely that the majority of our ailments and illnesses are related to our chakras. Even though there may not be enough materialization of imbalance or illness, there may yet be concerns or emotions that come from our childhood that influence us spiritually, emotionally and physically.

One of the biggest causes of chakra imbalance from the regular life cycle is the emotional baggage or yoke that we carry along with us. Many of us bury our grief inside themselves not realising that the emotional toxins will influence the body on a cellular level.

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